System Restore is not able to protect your computer...




My computer will not turn "system restore" on - can someone please help me
figure out what is happening ~ or how I can turn it back on... I tried safe
mode - no luck.

"System Restore is not able to protect your computer. Please restart your
computer and then run System Restore again."

Thank you in advance ~ Serenity


What are your anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall arrangements?


Hope this helps.

Stourport, England
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Aug 24, 2016
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Once System Restore goes bad, the only thing you can do is stop it and
restart it. Start/run services.msc, locate the SR service and doubleclick
it. Click the stop button, then set the startup type dropdown to disabled.
Click apply/ok, then reboot.

Then, check the "System Volume Information folder" on each drive (you may
need to set folder options/view tab to see hidden and system folders for
this) and delete any contents. Reverse the steps to restart it.

Be forewarned that doing this removes all existing restore points, but it
doesn't really matter as they weren't working anyways.

If this does not help, you'll need to re-install Windows. Understanably that's a huge pain.

You may also want to consider 3rd party alternatives like Comodo Time Machine and Rollback Rx.

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