System reboots continuosly on running Driver verfier/Device Path Exerciser test



Hi ,
We are testing an unsigned monitor driver.
Through HCT we are running following Tests on it.
1) Device path Excersier
2) Driver Verifier.

The moment we start Device path Excersier test, it
reboots the system .
Then it restarts the System again & again and shows the
screen which says ...Start windows in Safe Mode,Safe Mode
with Networking and so on.
Eventually we have to terminate the test.
Same thing happens in case of Driver Verifier test.
What is going wrong? Also a log file is not generated.
Could any body help in this regard.

Gary G. Little

Did you run Driver Verifier during your normal driver testing? If so, which
flags are now set differently? Did you also test against the checked builds
for the HAL and NTOSKRNL?

Disable the automatic system reboot, fire up WinDbg, and find out what the
bug is in your monitor driver.

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