system process always runs 50%



The task manager shows no active program yet the System process continues to
run.(always taking 50% of CPU usage). The rest of CPU usage is used by the
System Idle Process. What is the System Process and how can I kill it or
safely stop it?

thanks Jacob


You need to find the specific system process that's taking all (there are
lot of sub-processes tied to the 'System' process) the CPU resources and
slowing down your PC.

To do this try Process Explorer:

Once you have Process Explorer installed and running:
In the taskbar select View and check 'Show Process Tree' and 'Show Lower
Pane' options.
(This will provide the detailed info you need)
Next click on the CPU column to sort processes by %CPU usage.
Then click on and expand the 'System' process and identify the sub-process
that's using most or all the CPU %.
Click on and Highlight the sub-process of interest, right click and from the
options listed select: Search Online, This should display what out there on
the web about that process.

Note: some entries like Explorer, System process and svchost may need to be
expanded to show the detail, (sub processes), in this case click on the +
located to the left of the entry.

Another tool to look at is named: What's Running


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