System Log



The system log in event viewer is no longer displaying any
events. The log actually says there are 2145 events, but
none of these are listed.

C:\WINNT\system32\config\SysEvent.Evt file is at 512KB
(set max. value).

All other logs are displaying their events, but only after
a refresh.

Can anyone help?


Joseph Conway [MSFT]

Have you tried saving out the system event log and then clearing it to see
if it works?


I have just posted a new log - I am having exactly the
same problem with Application log as is someone else - the
events are set to overwrite old logs - have tried learing
the log and starting again - no luck.

Robert Muncy

Same issue here. just stop recording events. Cleared the Log and
everything is now working. Wondering What level of Service Pack was
everyone on?
The Server here is SP2, but we are concerned since we have had strange
login attempts to the SQL server running on the box. Not Sure if it
related to that or the fact it is so far behing in Service packs.
Robert Muncy
Network Team

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