System File Checker - Wrong CD



I'm trying to use System File Checker (sfc /scannow) to
check files because Outlook Express is crashing with the
same error msg (nothing in the Kowledge Base re this
error). When I run sfc /scannow, Win XP Pro asks for the
install disk, then returns a msg that it is the wrong
disk. Unable to proceed from this point. Checked
Knowledge Base, found article for Win 2000 on this issue
but it didn't apply (said to disable security restriction
on CD drive, but it was already diabled). Does anyon
know what the problem is and how I can get this very
useful utility to work.


Rich Barry

If you installed SP1 then its looking for a WinXP CD with SP1 on it. The
only solution I found is to just keep retrying over
and over and over again. After about 20 retries it finally took off.
Jun 26, 2005
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SFC Fix For XP and 2000

Open Regedit

GoTo HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup

Change SourcePath to the root directory of your CD or to the directory above an i36 folder

i.e. for C:\i386 you would change the value of SourcePath to C:\

Here's the link from Microsoft, the article refers to Windows 2000 Server, works on all flavors

Happy Hunting

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