Sysprep problem with RAID controller on a laptop


François Racine

Actually we have a single Sysprep image running on 13 different computer's
models. We just bought a Toshiba Tecra S3 laptop and this model is coming
with a RAID controller...

I am thinking that RAID controller is giving me hard time... What can be
done to make my image install the RAID controller. The laptop has only a
single SATA HD.

François Racine



François Racine

To make it work with RIS, we had to add the following informations in the
1.Copy the .sys file to \i386

2.Edit TXTSETUP.OEM (provided by SATA Driver)

3.locate HardwareIds.scsi.K_RAIDXPM

4.Copy the PCI\VEN line

5.Edit i386\txtsetup.sif

6.Locate the [HardwareIdsDatabase] section

7.add the PCI\VEN line from above to the end of this section in the same

format. I.E.: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2653&SUBSYS_0F001179 = "KR10I"

8.Locate [SCSI.Load]

9.add the following: KR10I = KR10I.sys,4

10.Locate [SCSI]

11.Add the following: KR10I = "TOSHIBA RAID Driver for Windows XP"

12.Locate [SourceDisksFiles]

13.Add the following: KR10I.sys = 1,,,,,,_3,4,1

So it is working fine with RIS but has my master computer image is not the
S3, those informations are not install. So... what should be done with
Sysprep to properly install the RAID controller.

François Racine

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