Syntax question



I am trying to write a form, with a yes or no field in it. My formula
currently reads =IF(G18=Yes,3,0)
It gives me an error and put #NAME? on the field it controls.

When I looked at the error the error read
=IF(Yes=Yes,3,0) it wasn't using the cell reference but the content. What
am I missing? I have IF statements all over this form, and the only
difference I see is that this one is alpha instead of numeric.

Please advise



THANKS GUYS!! much appreciated. I figured it was something stupid, and the
excel help thing didnt help much.

Take care :)

Gord Dibben

The Excel help thing for #NAME? gives a list of possible causes and the
missing double-quotes is in that list.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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