Syncing woth BlackBerry uning Outlook 2007



Prior to upgrading to Office 2007, I was syncing with my Blackberry 8700c
with no problem. Recently I had to change my Blackberry device. Now when I
try to Sync I get ameaasage that the database is empty or has a field length
of zero. When I try to configure the BlackBerry Desktio Manager to point to
the proper outlook.pst file, the browse button is deactivate. BlackBerry
support does not know how to fix the problem and they do not support Office

Has anyone else experienced this problem and, more importantly, have you
sidcovered a work around?



Patrick Schmid

AFAIK, BlackBerry hasn't made their software compatible with Outlook
2007 yet. You'll have to wait for them to do so, which probably won't
happen until 2007 is released later this year/early next year.

Patrick Schmid

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