synchronization ?


Lewis Shanks

I put up a post the other day, but I think that I complicated my question
too much. I'll try again as follows:

I have two worksheets, one of which is a shorter version of the first. For
example, let's say I have 12 columns in Worksheet1, and 9 columns in
Worksheet 2 which have
the same data as W1. In other words, W2 uses 9 columns from W1, but not
necessarily columns1-9, it could be the 1-6, 8, 11, and 12 columns from W1,
but the ones that I want transferred to W2 have the same column headings.

What is the basic procedure that allows me to work with W1 and have the data
entered also be transferred from W1 to W2 without me having to go through a
tedious copy/paste process?

Is this synchronization?

I hope that the above explanation is clear enough.





I think the lack of responses indicates that people require a bit more
information from you. However, I'll set the ball rolling with a couple
of suggestions.

If you want an exact copy of worksheet1 (with three columns removed),
the easiest way is to CTRL-drag the tab for worksheet1. This will
create a copy and you can easily delete (or hide) the columns you don't
want to see. This will not be linked to the first sheet, so if you
amend entries on the first sheet this will not be reflected in the
second sheet.

If you want the second sheet to be dynamically linked to the entries on
the first sheet, you will need to enter formulae in the second sheet -
eg =worksheet1!A2 entered into cell A2, then copied across the sheet
and down. Again, you can hide or delete the columns you don't need.

As your sheets are almost identical, I would suggest setting up named
ranges on worksheet1 using your column headings - highlight from A1 to
L5000 (say) then Insert | Name | Create and uncheck Left Rows and click
OK. Then in worksheet2 you will have the same headings as in worksheet1
and the formula in cell A2 should be =name1, where name1 is the header
for that column. Enter a similar formula for each of the columns, then
copy down up to row 5000. If you copy beyond this you will get the
#VALUE error message.

If you have used different formats for the columns in worksheet1 (eg
dates), you will need to apply this as appropriate to worksheet2.

Hope this helps,


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