Sync Outlook with phone without using the cloud


Bernd TA


This might be a faq. Unfortunatly I found in the net only awnsers from 1
year ago. So my infomation might be outdated.

I want to buy a new smartphone. Initialy I was thinking of a WM 7 phone
because i expect the best sync workflow with MS Outlook.

To my information/suprise it seems like a direct sync with outlook
(which used to work with WM 6.5) is not possible anymore. You always
need a web-based service like exchange server or hotmail account.
Althrough these services are free of charge, I simply don't want to send
my personal data to such a service.

Are the now tools which a allow a direct sync between Outlook and phone
via USB. Which phone OS is best for this? I'm willing to spend some $
for such a feature.

My requirements:
- Sync of: Calendar, Kontacts, Tasks (including categories!)
- Sync of 1 Phone with 2 PCs (private and buisness)

Thank you & best regards,



Diane Poremsky

Blackberry's Desktop app syncs directly with Outlook and seems to handle
it the best, with the fewest problems.

Companionlink is one option for other phones, others are listed at

Windows phone does not have a desktop app that syncs with outlook.
Andriod does not ship with a sync app (rumor is HTC is working on one).
I don't know if iphone syncs directly with outlook (via itunes) as of
ios5 - it may only use icloud (which has a number of problems).

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

Outlook & Exchange Solutions Center:



Bernd TA

Thank you for this information!
It was realy helpfull for me to get an confirmation.

BR, Bernd TA

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