Symantec Antivirus corporate edition to scan incoming files



Hi! I'm using Messenger LIVE, and I have symantec antivirus corporate edition
I am a university student, so the university allows you to download the
symantec corporate edition, however, no one will give support for it (uni or

my question is is there a way to get symantec antivirus to scan incoming
files received by messenger live?

I looked at the symantec website from top to bottom, the only things i found
were to
a) enable the instant message component in auto-protect within the antivirus
program. for me, i have not found any instant message component at all in the
antivirus program
b) point to the file ccIMscan.exe in messenger live to scan incoming files.
i believe this to be for a different version of antivirus because it is not
on my system

has anyone gotten these two programs to work together?



Open Messenger - click tools - properties - File Transfer - Check the Box
"Use this program to scan received files" (or something like that) - select
your program's exe file. click ok. that's all.



thanks for your email. i am quite familiar with that setup, however, my
question was with respect to symantec antivirus, which .exe file to point to,
and what command line string to use

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