Survey Form Problems



I have created a survey form with option buttons that functionally works. I
want to publish it in the Organizational Form library but it has some
inherent problems. When I email the form to a recipient, everything is
okay. If they Reply, the body is empty. If I change the Reply's "When
responding" action to "Attach original message", it includes the form as an
attachment. I do not want the form to be an attachment from me or from the
recipient. I have created a button on the Read Page that does a reply and
send. It writes the results of the form to the body in text format. This
also creates the standard two security prompts, accessing the address book
and trying to send an email. I do not want to ask the Exchange admin to
turn off security prompts or use Redemption. What is the best way to handle
this survey form? (Outlook 2000)



Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

Sounds like you might need to set the Reply form on the (Actions) tab to use your custom form.


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