surface scan?



Windows XP Pro.

When I do a scan (go into - my computer, right click on the drive, click on
tools, and tell it to look for and correct errors), does it do a surface
scan. How can I tell if there are any bad sectors on my drive and how do I
mark them as bad?

I had to reformat my drive and reinstall windows because of either corrupt
or damaged windows files and it's suddenly become extremely slow. I want to
make sure the drive is ok before I reinstall all my software.

Can anyone help?


I found where it is. I'm not at my pc now, but I just discovered that it's
in the same screen where I tell it to look for and fix errors.

Wesley Vogel

For a peek at the log.
Start | Run | Type: eventvwr | OK
Look in Application | Listed as Information
under Winlogon, Event 1001


Thanks Wes. I checked it and it seems to be ok - says there were no
problems found. Diana

Bob Qin [MSFT]

Hi Dianah,

Thanks for posting here.

In fact, Windows XP Help and Support Center also includes many useful

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to post
here. It is our pleasure to be of assistance.

Have a nice day!

Bob Qin
Product Support Services
Microsoft Corporation

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