Suppressing Blank Pages



In a particular document in which I am working (the result of a mail merge),
the second page will sometimes contain a table, and sometimes not, depending
on the data received from the source document. In the case where this page
is blank, I would like that it does not print; however, am unable to figure
out how to suppress the printing of the blank page. Thanks.


If the last content of your document is a table, you will find that there is
always a paragraph marker underneath a table if it's at the end of a
document. This paragraph marker is necessary for the formatting display of
the table and can't be deleted. So if it's forced onto the next page, you'd
be getting an empty page in the end. If you format that (in your template
before mail merge) to 1pt fontsize and no paragraph spacing, it usually fits
snug below a table on a tight last page.
To view the paragraph marker press the "pilcrow" button on the "Standard"
toolbar (thats the little P wrong way round left of the zoom field).
Highlight that formatting symbol and apply your small font settings.


Thanks, Kathy; however, the table sits by itself on a second page; hence,
there's a hard page end to force it onto a second page, creating a blank page
when there is no data. Is there no way in Word to suppress the printing of a
blank page within a document?

Suzanne S. Barnhill

I think the main problem here is that an empty table is still a table; it's
not really a "blank page." But there may still be hope, depending on other
conditions. When the table is empty, is it completely blank, or is there a
heading row that would print? If it is completely blank, then when it is
empty, would it (without the manual page break) fit on the first page? If
so, there may be a way to avoid the manual page break and still keep the
table on the second page when it contains data.

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA

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