Suppress messages/warnings using Workbooks.Open




I'm writing an automated test using C# and Nunit, that are to open an Excel
workbook, insert values, call a macro and then check the resulting values in
a SQL Server table. At present I'm passing a value of 2 to teh Updatelinks

As this is an automated test, I don't want user interaction.

The problem I'm having is that there are a few messages that still appear.
Firstly, one saying that remote data is not accessable which appears to be a
warning that an application isn't on my PC. I simply want to ignore this
message. Secondly, the message that the workbook contains links that cannot
be updated and "Continue" and "Edit Links..." buttons.

I need these suppressed. Any ideas how?




Bob Phillips

In your code to open the workbook, set the second argument, updatelinks:= 0


Bob Phillips

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