Superantispyware 4.1.1046 is out



for pro and free and it is great!. It works for both vista and xp and now
you can disable the splash screen on the free version.

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Posted: Mon May 19, 2008 8:34 pm Post subject: SUPERAntiSpyware
Release 4.1.1046


SUPERAntiSpyware 4.1 is now available for downloading from our main
site. The update servers will be activated in the next few days and will
dole out the updates over the next week as not to flood our servers.

Interface and Functionality Changes

* Vista UAC Issues Resolved - You should not be prompted by UAC on
Admin or Limited user account under Vista. You cannot install program
updates on a Limited Account as this breaks the Admin/Limited paradigm.
* Windows "No Disk" issues resolved - this a Windows error due to it's
caching of disk volumes - this no longer should show up for empty CD/DVD
driver, flash drives, etc.
* Splash screen can be turned off in Free Edition

Technology Changes

* Resolved rare issues with DDA (Direct Disk Access) and improved
compatibility with various NTFS formats
* Resolved rare crash issues with improperly written drivers (mainly
spyware) that caused Kernel Direct to fault
* Enhanced detection of rootkits
* Firefox cookie scanning and removal


Joan Archer

Thanks for that haven't been to the forum for a couple of days to check,
will now watch for my automatic update coming down the line, I have the Pro
version. <g>

Ron H

Hi Robin, Should i uninstall the free version (4.0.1108) to install the
latest version ? Ron


no, you should see the request for an update once you open the program and
it should do the same thing as the pro version




Hi Robin,

Well, I just went ahead and installed it.

I did the reboot...and no longer had wireless connectivity.

I did a SR back to 3:00 AM this morning.

Now, I once again have wireless connectivity, and I DON'T have the new and
latest SAS.

I know what MY priorities are. :>


Alan D

The automatic upgrade came through today. Funny business. I get the same
error as I did when I installed last year's upgrade, with the SASDIFSV
service failing to start. The error goes away after a reboot, but still it
puzzles me, so I've posted in the SAS forum about it here:

Have you seen this error at all, Robin? I realised today that I'm not at all
clear just what processes and services should be visible when SAS free is
operating normally, other than the Superantispyware.exe process itself.

Joan Archer

Got mine this morning, the little message box telling me there was an update
do I want it, or words to that effect, that and the Windows Defender update
as well it was fun but all installed and working without problems.


i cannot understand why you would loose wirelesess connection.
I have put this program on about 30 laptops with no problems
you should this problem at SAS forum, Nick would surely help you figure this


nick answered you in the forum
The only visible process in Task Manager is SUPERANTISPYWARE.EXE, the
services won't show up as they are not those types of services, they are
kernel drivers.

I saw this error msg on one of the computers i put the free version on but
after a reboot all went well.

and yes as long as you do not see error msgs in event viewer and SAS is
scanning fine then don't worrry about it


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