Sumproduct or Sumif formula



Hi all

I am looking for a formula that looks at col a and col b and where the same
total col c.

Account No Month End Date Balance
INTE08 28/02/2009 £1,000.00
INTE08 28/02/2009 £1,000.00
INTE08 31/03/2009 £1,000.00
INTE08 31/03/2009 £1,000.00
INTE07 30/04/2009 £1,000.00
INTE07 30/04/2009 £1,000.00

So - where Account No and Month End = Inte08 and 28/2/09 then total balance
= £2000.

I have had a quick look at sumproduct formula but keep getting Value#
(array) or non array.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated



Jacob Skaria

Assuming your data is from A2 to C7, try the below

D2 = AccountNo
E2 = month end date


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„Peter†ezt írta:


Hi Stefi

Thank you for this - I was able to change the ="account" etc to cell range
and works fine.

I must have had brackets in wrong place - as fairly straight forward.

thanks very much for your help

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