Summing for every change in a pivot table



I require a formula that will take a hard coded Pivot Table and create a new
sum if the data is changed.

For instance:
Col A Col B Col C Col D Col E
Col F
Row ClientName Cov Nov Dec Grand Total
1 Client Name A DIC - - -
2 Client Name A Total - - -
3 Client Name B GLI 41 41 81
4 PKG - - -
5 PRO - 939 939
6 UMC - - -
7 Client Name B Total - 939 939

As you notice, the data does not have the same row count for every Client
Total (easy if each client had the same rows but that will not happen).If I
want to change an amount in say Row 1, I need the Row 2 to update to the new

I can have a separate tabe for these caculations.

Please help.

Please help.


I'm not sure what is not working in Pivot Table, do you mean to say that the
Pivot Table does not refresh automatically when reference data is changed in
cells? is this your issue?


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