Dear sir,with best regards,in attached file i have two schedules ,one
for details of the invoices contents and the second for ( summary) of
these contents . i ask you kindly the way ( by formulas or codes) to
transfer the data from schedule 1 to be as mentioned in 2.
Thanks in advance.

Shane Devenshire


If you have a common field in both files then use VLOOKUP, look this up in
the help system.

We can't see your files so its just a guess what the look like. The general
form of the formula would be:

=VLOOKUP(A1,'[Chapter 07 - Printing Charts.xls]National

Where column A of both files contains the common element, the data you want
to lookup is in column 2 of the range A1:D100 .
Apr 29, 2007
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Dear sir,with my regards,i think the solution without taking a look to the example is difficult ,and because you have no time for this.

I ask you kindly to consider the matter as solved.
Thanks again.

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