Summarizing a count of like values



I want to count how many times a value appears and have that value appear in
the end with a listing of the total appearances.

More specifically I have 3 columns. Column A is "Label" It doesn't really
play a factor in my example. Column B is "Type," this is important because
often times there are different types. Column C is "Length" and it is
generally pretty standard. 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150. Stuff like that. Say
I have 10 rows filled in with these. going from row 3-12 with all the info
filled in and there are types A and B in the type on various lengths say
three different lengths. I want Row 14 and to be A 25 and the count of
number that meet that criteria. I want row 15 to be similar like A 50 and

I am thinking that maybe one cell needs to be B14 as criteria of different
types and C14 the count. and so forth. I am not sure though. If it were
possible to post an example I would show it, but for now hopefully this makes

Thanks for the help.





Assume you have listed in B14:C14 down
the unique combinations for Type, Length such as:
A, 25
A, 50
B, 25

Then you could place in D14:
and copy down to derive the required results

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