SUMIF using value from MOD function


Steve Vincent


I want to conditionally average a range of cells that are formatted in
elapsed time (e.g., 1:03 hrs/min ) but that actually contain a function (
=MOD(G3-E3,1) ). When I refer to these cells containing the MOD functions in
my range (I'm using AVERGEIF), it simply returns my "criteria" value.

Here is my function:


where J3:J17 contain the function =MOD(G3-E3,1) , etc., and are formatted in
the hrs/min format. I'm using 0.0416666666666667 as the criteria, because
that is the number for "one hour". In other words, I only want to average
the values that are greater than one hour.

Any ideas why my function isn't working? Or what would be a good way to
conditionally average a range of "times" greater than one hour?


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