Sumif on columns with logical answers



I am having trouble with a formula.
I am trying to sum a column with logical answers in.

1 Sonosor Signs Teams Dinners Caps
2 Ace 6 4 16 16
3 Birdie 2 1 4 4
4 Par 1 0 4 4

My formulas in columns G thru J are logistical that if F2 reads "Birdie"
return the value of 2 in cell G2, if F2 reads "Ace" return the value of 6 in
cell G2, etc. I have thirteen values to return for specifice sponsorhips in
each column G thru H. When I try to put in G5, H5, I5 & J5 the sum of total
column for total signs to order, teams, dinners and caps it is not adding the
column for me. I have tried countif, sum and sumif. What am I doing wrong in
my total column formula? When I enter "=sumif(g2:g4,"?")" it returns 0, If I
enter "=countif(g2:g4,"?")" it returns 3, If I enter "=sum(g2:g4)" it returns
Thanks for your help in advance.

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