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I'm wanting to lookup up one value in a list of other values and return the
sum of the values in the column next to it but can't figure out how.

For example, I have a list of items in column N. I want the sum from column
H each time the item in Column N appears in Column G. So basically anytime
the item in Column N appears in Column G, I want it to sum each value in
Column H in the corresponding (same row that the data appeared in in column G

Column G Column H
Allen 45
ABA 113
A&B 75
A&B 65
A&B 235
Accu 117
Accu 85
Ahaus 10

Say I have A&B in column N (I'm working in column O)....I want to know the
sum for A& it should return 375.

Any help?



Adjust the ranges in columns G and H as required and copy down this formula
in column O


I assume your values start in row 2 so in O2 enter

Copy formula down

change the range to fit your needs but remember the range has to be exactly
the same in both sides of the formula


You could try this in O1:


then copy down to cover the items you have in column N.

Hope this helps.


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