Suggestions on relationships, please



I’m working on an employee training database and am getting more confused by
the minute…
I have the following tables:

pkEmployeeID – autonumber
EmployeeName – text
HireDate – date

pkCourseID – autonumber
CourseName – text
CourseDescription – text
CourseFrequency – long integer

tbEmployeeCoursesRequired (lists courses each employee is required to take)
pkEmployeeCourseID – autonumber
fkEmployeeID – long integer
fkCourseID – long integer

tblSessions (when a course is offered)
pkSessionID – autonumber
fkCourseID – long integer
SessionDate – date
SessionDuration - integer
SessionInstructor – text

tblEnrollment (who is enrolled in each session)
fkEmployeeID – long integer
fkSessionID – long integer
fkEmployeeCourseID – long integer
SessionCompleted – y/n
(fkEmployeeID and fkSession are joint primary key)

I think these tables cover everything I want to track, but I’m not sure
exactly what relationships should exist. Right now I have tblEmployeeData >
tblEmployeeCoursesRequired > tblEnrollment > tblSessions > tblCourses, but it
just looks wrong.

Also, what's the best way to track future requirements? Say an employee
completes Course A on 08/01/07 and Course A has a frequency of 365 days. Can
I put in some provision for a reminder that the employee will need to take
Course A again on 08/01/08?

Thank you.

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