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I am in the process of learning the Net Compact Framework. We intend to use
it with a PCB that is being fabricated but is not yet available. Could
someone suggest a device running WinCE with a screen in the price range of
$200 to $300 that I could suggest to my supervisor as a test platform until
this PCB is available.

We plan to develop in C# using Vs2003.

One reason I want to try a device is that in another post it was indicated
that Sockets do not work correctly using the WinCE emulator that comes with
the Vs2003 IDE Add-on. To date I have not been able to get a Client Sockets
program running on the desktop to communicate with a Server Sockets program
running on the WinCE Emulator.

I don't have a great deal of information on the PCB that we will be using
other then that it will be running WinCE and will connect to the outside
world (i.e., the desktop computer) via USB and/or RS232. The PCB will have a
screen for User interface so that it can run in a standalone mode when not
connected to a desktop computer. It will be used in analytical instruments
that we manufacture for use by chemists.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

John Olbert
Ref 0502180529
(e-mail address removed)



Paul G. Tobey [eMVP]

How about a Pocket PC? Visit the local Circuit City or Best Buy...

Paul T.


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