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I've got an application I use to track and montior expenses from invoices.
There can be a variety of invoices... consulting, equipment, services, etc.

My application has three panels in the data entry area -- my question is
about the third panel. One panel is for information common to all invoice
types (invoice number for example). The second panel has radio buttons where
I'd select the invoice type.

Below these panels is the third panel that contains the detailed invoice

Currently I create my own rows with whatever controls I need in it -- a
date/time picker, a text box, a combo box. These vary by invoice type.
There are also some inter-column calculations (rate x hours = cost). This
requires that I handle the deletion of rows, copying rows, putting in
scrollable column titles, and so on.

It seems that it might be easier to do this with a control like a datagrid.
Thus far I've only used a datagrid to display information, and I didn't need
columns to be things like a combo box.

Is this a way to go or is there something else that's better than building
my own rows?

I'd really appreciate any suggestions or references.




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