Sudden updating problems



IE6 is failing to load most pages with java in frames.
I've attempted to install q827667.exe "IE6 SP1 Update:
Error Message When You Try to Visit Web Pages That Are
Opened by JavaScript Functions in Frames

However it won't open because it isn't finding SP 1 yet
this was installed many months ago.

Issue has now expanded...I've successfully run Auto Update
to DL current critical updates: Cumulative Security Update
for Outlook Express 6 SP1 (KB823353) and Cumulative
Security Update for Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1
(KB832894)...however after rebooting and returning to Auto
Update it shows the updates are not installed.

IE6 has frequently locked up for several days and I'm
concerned despite running several sweeps of the machine.
I'm behind a router, running NAV and ZAP. Haven't found
anything with HijackThis, AdAware or Spybot. But something
isn't right.

"About" displays:
Updated versions:;SP1;

Any thoughts?



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