Subtracting euro in word formulea



2 euro amounts are feed into doucment as merge fields PP1 = 47,50 euro and
PP2 = 45,00 euro.
If you purchase item three save [word formulea PP1-PP2]

However it returns 52 not 2,50 euro. Euro formatting is 45.567,89 In
Dollars it would read 45,567.89

I am using this in a euro document and a US dollar document. The USD
computes correctly.

How can I get the euro to compute correctly?

Using Word 2003 as part of MS Office Professional 2003

Any help greatly apprceiated.



Graham Mayor

This appears to be a Windows language issue. Amounts are formatted according
to the language settings. It seems that you may be trying to use a comma
decimal character when Word is expecting a period (full stop).

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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