Subtotaling by date in a running list


Jeff S

I run a community center in a developing country where we do low-cost
photocopying. To help track sales I'm trying to create a sheet that looks
Col A Col B Col C Col D
Date # copies price daily sub-total

Our employee enters the transactions throughout the day. I want the scheet
to automagically do the daily sub-total, without user intervention. The
number of transactions varies each day.

I'm looking for a formula for Col D that will check the date of the next row
down. If it has changed, then run sub-total for the current day's sales. If
it has not, return a null. Is that possible? I've ran a search on "date
subtotal" and looked at all the threads but haven't found my answer.

Thanks for the help!


Hi Jeff

Try this in column D (assuming that the data starts in A2)
I am not sure, if you need to some calculations, but i assumed that in
Column C you have the prices which have already been calculated,
otherwise just tell me.


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