subtotal with sumif nested



Hi all.
I'm trying to do a subtotal function with a nested sumif.


where a1 is the name that I want to test against for my criteria, and the
Sum! is the sheet name, column B is my criteria range, and column F is my sum

I keep getting an error message box, but it doesn't way what the error is.
I.e., "the formula you typed contains an error" and then gives the 3 typical
options for resolving it. None of which apply as far as I can tell.

Can Subtotal NOT take a sumif as the ref#?

I did test just the sumif and it shows exactly what I'm wanting it to. I.e.,
no failed equation, or elements that are throwing any # errors.

Thank you.



T. Valko

Can Subtotal NOT take a sumif as the ref#?


Try this...


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