subtotal not showing after filtering list



Using Excel 2003 SP3 Professional Edition

I have a large spreadsheet that has a subtotal at the end of the data
(=subtotal(9,K4:K4000). I have many different values that I filter on that I
like to see the subtotal at the bottom of the filtered list. One day this
was working and the next day it wasn't. What is happening now is the
subtotal line is being hidden when the filter is on. Can anyone help me
figure out how to get it not to hide?




I would suggest that you insert a new row at the top of your
spreadsheet and put your formula in that row. It will be above the
headings where the pull-down filter arrows appear, so it will always
be visible, particularly if you set up Freeze Panes on the Window
menu. And besides, you won't have to keep scrolling down to the bottom
of the data to see what the value is each time you change the filter

Hope this helps.


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