Subtotal based on a range of data in Pivot Table



I have a pivot table with a line of journalnumbers in the rows and
some persons in th coloumns.

I want a subtotal for the journals - not per journal (as the subtotal
usally is in the pivot) but for at range of journalnumbers. And i also
want the subtols to be shown not the journalnumbers.

Eks: Bert Bill Kim
102 5 4 3
104 7 5 5
118 6 3 5
124 5 4 3

What I want - ie subtotal for the journalnumbers in the range
100-110, 111-120 og
121-130 :

Range 1 12 9 8
Range 2 6 3 5
Range 3 5 4 3

Can this be done in the Pivot Table?

I'm using Excel 2003




Ashish Mathur


I do not think this can be done in a pivot - for the following 2 reasons:

1. Your ranges are not consistent I.e. there are 11 nos in Group 1 and 10
in Group 2. One can group in a pivot but for that the all ranges must have
the same difference;
2. In the pivot, the output (after grouping) can be 100-110, 111-120 etc.,
you cannot have text values such as Range1, Range2 etc.


Ashish Mathur
Microsoft Excel MVP


Hi Herbert.
Thanks for the Xls-file.

However I do not have the data in the Excel Workbook but derive them
from a SQL database.

Therefore I cannot work on the date before the are used in the Pivot
table - or can I ?




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