Substring input search


The Doctor

Try this again.

I have a combobox field.

This contains records of past work done by the cilent.

The client was a substring search as he is typing in

E.g. wh would produce 4 wheel alignment, wheel alignment, wheel swap ...

rot would produce tire rotation , replace aboveparts,tire rotation et al.

How can this be done in Access 2012 ?

Access Developer

Combo boxes work on a search that begins with the leftmost characters of the
RowSource, not a substring search. You will have to create or simulate a
control similar to a combo box that uses the substring instead. To do so in
VBA, you would probably base it on a combo box, or on a list box with an
additional text box, and write VBA code to re-create the Row Source as each
letter is typed in.

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