Hi, does anyone know how to substitute all of one type of character for
another? e.g. I am editting a document but need to change all of the hyphens
for arrows (from symbols). Is there a qucik way that I can search for all of
the hyphens and change them all to arrows rather then individually? It would
take hours otherwise! Thanks :)

Tom Emmelot

Hi nightdoc,

Since i use a editor there was the Option "Search and Replace"

Regards >*< TOM >*<

nightdoc schreef:

Bill Sanderson

Search and replace is it, but you need to be able to both know how to search
for the particular character--a hyphen shouldn't be too bad--just put quotes
around it, and specify the replacement character--and if you know how to get
that from symbols, that should take care of it.

Are you having trouble specifying the right character for the replacement?

What software are you using for the editing?

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