SubReport Problem


JD McLeod

I have designed a report which contains two subreports. Both of the
subreports are in the detail section of the main report. One right after the
other. Everything on the report is working as planned, except that when it
prints, there is blank space that I can't seem to get rid of. I have checked
all of the controls and sections and set the Can Grow and Can Shrink property
to Yes. The amount of space seems to be close to the amount of room the last
subreport is taking up. Maybe that is the problem. Anyway, this is the
first report I have created with subreports, so any assistance would be




Try first going to file\page setup and check your paper size and margins. The
on the subform properties set cangrow and canshrink to yes. Make sure you
subforms are not excedding the page width because that will do it to you
every time. Drag the right edge of the report in and see if that helps also.

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