Subreport behind report data



Is it possible to have data on the main report that appears in front of a
subreport so that I can "split" subreport information into two parts
(left/right, with white space in the middle of the report) and have the main
report data still appear/print rather than being covered up by the subreport?

I guess I am looking for a "Bring to front" option that will get a main
report control on top of a subreport.

I know I can use two subreports but would have to be very careful that they
are sorted/filtered exactly the same to ensure that the data on both sides
represents the same records.

I also know that I could embed the header data into the subreport & then
filter it out for all lines except the first, but that is a lot of extra work
and would probably slow down the report.


A subreport control is a single control, so you can't split it. You will
have to use 2 subreport controls.


I know I cannot actually split it, but I found that the solution was far
simpler than I had imagined. I just widened the subreport, then placed the
main report control over (actually, beneath) the subreport. I had thought the
subreport would cover the main report data that I wanted to display there (as
when using a rectangle to hide a combo box arrow, etc.), but both controls
display just fine.

I left white space in the subreport where the main report item needed to
appear, so there was no conflict in the displayed data.

Thank you.

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