Subject: Need help on Iff Statement



I want to use IFF statement in a querry but so far am unable to figure out
how to do it.
If someone could guide me I will be greatful.

following are the fields in a table / querry

Trans Id - Customer Name - Description - Qty - Price - Entry Type

The value for Entry Type has 3 options - Sales, Purchase, Returnable Item

If in an entry the value for Entry Type is Returnable Item, then other
entrys must show skipping the Returnable Entry

I tried using the following statement in a querry but it does not work

=IIf([Entry Type]="Returnable Item", "Returnable item", is null)

please Help me fix this problem


Duane Hookom

If you don't want to display the returnable items, then set the criteria from
the record source to not display them. If you just want to hide the Type then

=IIf([Entry Type]="Returnable Item", Null, [Entry Type])

If that doesn't work, come back with some sample records and how they should

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