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I have a main form which contains a subform. In the subform footer, I have
a text box to calculate the sum of annual cost. When I view the subform,
this works fine, although there is a bit of a lag (maybe 2-3 sec) before the
calculation appears.

I have a textbox in the main form to reference the textbox on the subform.
When I view the main form, I get #Error. Ihave checked all of the field
names, etc. to no avail.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Tom Wickerath

Hi Theresa,

There can be many factors affecting the observed lag time, including--but
not limited to:

1.) Available RAM Memory
2.) CPU and/or bus speed
3.) Hard drive speed
4.) Level of fragmentation of the hard drive
5.) Level of fragmentation with the .mdb file (do a Compact and Repair)
6.) Network speed (if a network separates you from your data) and type (LAN
vs. WAN)
7.) Indexes present

Check out my Multiuser Applications paper, even if this is a single-user
database, for ideas on how you *might* be able to speed this up.

Implementing a Successful Multiuser Access/JET Application

As for receiving the #Error on your main form, check out this KB article:

Troubleshooting Tips for Error Values

Also, I show an example of bringing totals to a main form, from a subform,
in this article:

Displaying Subtotals and a Grand Total on a Form That Displays
a One-to-Many Relationship

Tom Wickerath
Microsoft Access MVP

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