subform "locked", can't fix


Kris Ann 16

I have a form, with a subform. I have always been able to type data into the
subform fields just fine. Then this morning I was editing the properties of
only 2 fields within the subform, to change those 2 fields to "lock" so users
cannot type new data in those 2 fields (they are drop-down menus to select

However, somehow I accidentally caused the whole subform to no longer let me
enter data in any of the fields there. Help! The main form is fine like
normal, but the subform seems locked, or disabled.... BUT the weird thing is
that all the fields within the subform show their individual properties as
"Locked = No", "Enabled = Yes". So that's good.

The properties of the subform itself show "Data Entry = Yes", "Allow
Additions = Yes", "Allow Deletions = Yes", and "Allow Edits = Yes". What
can I do to fix the problem?

- Kris

Ken Snell [MVP]

Likely you locked the subform control -- that is the control that hosts the
subform. Open your main form in design view, click on the top edge of the
subform control, open the Properties window, and see if the Locked property
is set to Yes.

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