Sub Autoexec () will not start the Macros running!



Hi I have a spreadsheet and want to start it running as soon as it is
opend. I have dreated a macro that says the following:

Sub AutoExec ()


' starter Macro
' Macro recorded 7/14/2012 by John Baker
echo = False
'Import the director name for files
Application.Run "GETDIRECTORY"
'import the list of files created NOTE only two are usedful
echo = False
Application.Run "GetFileList"
'Run the file process
echo = False
Application.Run "filesprocess"
'YES in k1 says the file does exist NO says it does not

End Sub
It works fine when you manually start it, but it will not trigger
when the spreadsheet is opened.

Is there some sort of hidden setting that controls this sort of thing,
or is there some other potential explaination. I have never had this
problem before!


John Baker

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