sub-auth dll (Msv1_0SubAuthenticationFilter) wrt 32/64 bit 2003 se


Anil Goel


We have implemented a dll (ipolicy_subauth.dll). This DLL implements and
exports the function – “Msv1_0SubAuthenticationFilterâ€.

The registery setting has been done at –

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\Kerberos\Auth0 and
the value is set to location of this DLL.

On Winodws 2003 server SP2 (32 bit edition), this is working fine perfectly.
Whenever a user logs on the PDC, this function receives the user login
information and I can process it. Whenever the system re-boots this DLL
becomes in use and I cannot delete it.

When I have installed the same DLL on Windows 2003 Server R2 SP2 (64 bit
edition) or Windows 2008 server (64 bit edition). This is not working. The
same registery settings have been done. Looks like this DLL is not getting
loaded in the system. I can delete it. Whenever user log on the PDC no
information is getting received in this sub-authentication package.

Has anyone seen this kind of problem, the question I would like to have
answers are –
1. Is there something specific to 64 bit that needs to be done.
2. How to make DLL loaded by the system – is there some more registry
settings that need to be done.
3. Can a 32 bit application DLL that has been set as sub authentication
package, can be used in a 64 bit environment. Other 32 bit applications that
I I have are working fine on these 64 bit servers.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as it has been a customer
issue who has upgraded from 32 bit platform to 64 bit platform. Kind of

Sep 1, 2011
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Hello, today I have the same problem you described ... I wonder if you managed to solve and could give me any tips on how to solve?

Fernando F.

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