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The company I work for has not migrated to Word 2007 because of its
limitations as a document tool for the simple-minded. For Word 2003, we
created custom toolbars that have buttons for macros, buttons for styles,
etc. Our engineers don't want to scroll through one huge list to select a
style; they want to click a button; otherwise, they pick anything handy.

I have Word 2007 at home and am trying to figure out a way to have style
buttons on the Quick Access Toolbar. BTW...I am hoping Word 2008 returns the
toolbar flexibility back to us, such as having multiple custom toolbars and
buttons with text labels. Writers may work around these shortcomings but
engineers don't.

Anyway, our toolbars have drop-down menus for style groups. "Here is the
list of styles you use for content." "Here is the list of styles you use for
headings." "Here is the list of styles you use for tables." You get the
picture. Our documents have actually improved since we began using these
custom drop-down menus for the styles. Our writers spend less time
reformatting and can devote more effort to grammar, structure, and meaningful

How the heck do we create these custom features for Word 2007?

My fear is that the news is "no can do."

Word 2007 is probably not going to be in our future if this flexibility is
not restored.



Greg Maxey


It is possible to create a custom tab, containing custom groups that can
contain custom command buttons to apply styles or a custom menu to apply
styles. You can also add custom groups to existing tabs. You can drag
custom tabs to the QAT.

If you are willing to roll up your sleeves and learn the process you might
just carve out a new and very comfortable niche in your company ;-)

See: and the other related
pages on my website.


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