Styles - Next Paragraph Error


Tom Smith


I've made a new template based on the Normal template, but with the Normal
style being double-spaced. Headings 1, 2 and 3 have not been altered.

All three Heading styles have 'Normal' set as the style for the next
paragraph, but when I select one of the Headings, type some text and hit
enter, the next paragraph is the same heading style rather than switching to

Why is this, and how can I sort this out?

Many thanks in advance!

Tom Smith

Sorry! I should have specified. I'm running Word XP on Windows XP.

Once again, all help much appreciated.

Jay Freedman

Hi Tom

I tried to reproduce that behavior, but couldn't. I don't know of any
option or setting that could affect it under normal circumstances --
the "next style" setting should be obeyed under all circumstances.

You could get a new line in the same style by inserting a line break
(Shift+Enter) instead of a paragraph mark, but I'm sure you would
notice that.

Try creating another template with the same format. (I started by
saving a new blank document as a template, rather than using File >
New and choosing the Template button, but that shouldn't make any
difference.) Does the new template behave the same way?

Tom Smith


I couldn't reproduce that behaviour either! I renamed, thus
creating a new Normal template, edited that according to my preferences and
then re-made my essay template and it all worked fine. Don't know why it
didn't work before, but thanks for your help!

I've a further query - but I've put that in a new thread.

Many thanks!

Stefan Blom

The "Style for following paragraph" setting is ignored if you are
using Outline View.

Jim Dahlstrom

I have found that if there is a space between the
selection point and the paragraph mark when the enter key
is pressed, the resultant paragraph will be the same as
the previous one regardless of the "Next Paragraph"

Don't know if this is the case, but caused a fit here
until I showed the spaces and para marks -- then viola --
there it was.

Jim :)

Suzanne S. Barnhill

Yes, in such an instance Word thinks that you are splitting the paragraph
rather than creating a new one.

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA

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all may benefit.

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