Styles in Word 2007



Could someone please help me... I am new to Word 2007.

I am trying to remove ALL STYLES in a document, which was created in Word
2003. I want to start afresh and create new styles.

It is frustrating that you have to wade through loads of styles, instead of
starting off with a short list of say 5 or 6 styles (that are needed in the

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Graham Mayor

From the developer tab on the ribbon (not displayed by default - Office
Button > Word Options > Popular > Show Developer tab) select Document
Template check 'automatically update document styles' and reattach the
normal template normal.dotm. (Having done so, uncheck that check box again).

Select all CTRL+A, apply the Normal style, CTRL+Q then CTRL+Space will
remove all manualy formatting and set the style to that defined as Normal.
Then ALT+F8 > organizer and delete all the styles except Normal. You will
not be able to remove any of the built-in styles.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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