Style Changing



Hi, I'm new to this forum and also to Ms Word 2007
My question is:
When I select a style from the Quick Styles
gallery, and type the text I need to, after that I want to select a new
style but when I do so my previous typed text also changes to the new
selected style, even though I have selected the text which I want to change.

Any solution would be appreciated





Paragraph styles apply to an entire paragraph (ie the enter key has
been hit to complete the paragraph) in the same way that the center
command will center the entire paragraph no matter what portion of the
paragraph is selected.


Thanks Reitanos, but what should I select Linked(paragraph and character). Is
there any else option, I'm asking this because I don't have any else option.



Stefan Blom

If you are trying to format part of a paragraph with a different paragraph
style, make sure that the "Disable linked styles" option is cleared in the
Styles pane (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S) and that you are applying a linked style
(identified with ¶a in the list of styles in the Styles pane).

Alternatively, add the Style Separator command to the Quick Access Toolbar
(via Office button | Word Options, Customize category) and make use of it to
"split" paragraphs without adding a line break.

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