Stripe out duplicate data



The following data gives an explanation of what I want the formula in “D†to

A3:A14 are entered values

A3 = apples
A4 = apples
A5 = pears
A6 = oranges
A7 = apples
A8 = grapefruit
A9 = grapes
A10 = lemons
A11 = bananas
A12 = bananas
A13 = kiwi
A14 = plums

B3:B14 are the result of a formula

B3 = no record
B4 = no record
B5 =
B6 =
B7 = no record
B8 =
B9 = no record
B10 = no record
B11 = no record
B12 = no record
B13 =
B14 = no record

C3:C14 are the result of a formula

C3 = 3
C4 = 4
C5 =
C6 =
C7 = 7
C8 =
C9 = 9
C10 = 10
C11 = 11
C12 = 12
C13 =
C14 = 14

D3 contains the formula;

D3:D14 contains the result of the above formula relative to each cell

D3 =
D4 = apples
D5 = apples
D6 =
D7 = lemons
D8 = bananas
D9 = bananas
D10 =
D11 =
D12 = #NUM!
D13 = #NUM!
D14 =

What the formula should have returned is as follows:

D3 = apples
D4 = grapes
D5 = lemons
D6 = bananas
D7 = plums
D8 =
D9 =
D10 =
D11 =
D12 =
D13 =
D14 =

Hope someone can tell me what is wrong with the formula in “Dâ€
Thank you

Bob Phillips

How about



I am afraid no results were returned. I am just thinking colB is confusing
matters here and should not be included in the formula. There was no
reference made to colC in your formula "C" is a key driver to what records
should be returned.

So please ignore "B" and concentrate on "A" and "C" instead.

Bob Phillips

Well, it worked for me in my tests. Not much more I can do without the data.

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