Strawberry a tasty treat for summer audiophiles !


Sep 30, 2005
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Strawberry: Quality sound, open source music player

Jonas and I are definitely working from the same perspective, at least in relation to high-resolution music files. Back in late 2016, I looked at Clementine, and though it was in many ways delightful, it definitely missed the boat with respect to working with a dedicated high-resolution digital-analog converter (DAC) for music enjoyment. But that’s OK; Clementine just wasn’t built for me. Nor, it appears, was it for Jonas.

So, given that Jonas and I share an interest in being able to play back high-resolution audio on a dedicated listening device, I thought I’d best give Strawberry, Jonas’ fork of Clementine, a try. I grabbed the 2018/07/16 release for Ubuntu from Jonas’ site. It was a .deb and very straightforward to install.

The sound is glorious, as is customary with well-recorded high-resolution material (for those of you inclined to argue about the merits of high-resolution audio, before you post your opinions, whether pro or con, please read this article, which actually treats the topic in a scientific fashion).

Thought this might be of some interest to a few folks here.

Abraham Andres Luna

Child of God
Mar 14, 2018
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I hate how mainstream American music has been dumbed down as far as lyrics, and the sound quality has been made worse by the lack of live instruments combined with the fact that the engineer increases the loudness of the whole file. Absolute garbage. I make a conscious effort to listen to music of better quality.

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