Strange one



Hi. I'm not sure where to start, but I know you are a bright bunch of
folks, so I thought I would start here. In a nutshell, I think my husband
is cheating on me. I would love to send him an email that looks like it is
coming from his "girlfriend" (I think I can do that), and when he responds
he thinks its going to her, but it actually comes to an address I specify.
So he needs to think, when he hits reply, that its going to her. Is this
something that can be done in vb, or maybe does someone know of a software
package that will do this? Thanks for your help!

Jeff Standen

So you want to trick your husband into revealing himself and you're worried
about his honesty? Will you tell him what you did if you turn out to be
wrong? How should he react? I hardly think this is the best solution as
either way you end up losing.

Forgetting the morality though, just set the 'From' field to the
'girlfriend's' address and the 'Reply To' to yours. You can do this in
Outlook Express and most other mail programs, check the help. He may notice,
but he may however you do it.



Thanks Jeff. That works, except its pretty obvious. When you hit reply,
the name AND email address show up in the To bar. If I can hide the email
address and just have the name visible, that would be perfect...probably not


First of all, let me point out that I hope this is some kind of joke.

Secondly, if the question is indeed serious, then I do not believe you need
technical advice, but perhaps a bit of marriage couselling, or, if the worst
comes to the worst, a good lawyer.

I'm not trying to be impertinent, I just don't think this is the right forum
(nor the proper way of handling a difficult and painful situation).

Good luck -- I honestly mean it...

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