Strange icon behaviour in Vista control panel



Hello everybody

I'm new here, and I would be very happy if someone could help me resolve
this strange issue.

Vista Home Premium SP1

Vista control panel - classic view

Nvida GeForce 8500 GT 512 MB

All patches and updates

Sometimes when you open the control panel, the icon layout has been changed,
without any notice, or change by yourself. The default view is "middle-sized"

But, then you open it, and you see "large" icons, and sometimes they will
shown up as a "detailed list". I've tried several times to change back to
"middle-sized" icons, but the settings will not remain for a long time. Next
day the icons has changed again. Why this issue? I've tried to re-register
jscript.dll and vscript.dll, as well as un-install and re-install graphic
card driver.




Yeah, that happens to me too, in fact it just happened today. As well as IE
locking up at least once a day throwing a slew of red Xs in my reliability

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