Strange DHCP problem



Hi, I have a problem in my office network.
When some PCs disconnect from network in some reason (eg unplug
network, restart NIC or ipconfig /renew), the PC will get a
10.254.254.X in subnet mask with default
However, the DHCP should only distribute 192.168.9.X with
subnet mask.

I have to disable the NIC in widnows and unplug the network cable. Then
re-plug in the cable and re-enble the NIC. The PC will automatic get a
correct ip.

But when I browse the address lease in DHCP, I can't find the new ip i
got. Even I press the refresh button many times.

The other problem is, even I get the ip, but I will get a expire time.(
The DHCP server was set unlimited in lease time)

Anyone has any idea about my problem?

Thank you in advance.



Thanks for reply
Yes, someone was put a router to testing some equipment in our office.
Those 10.254.254.X ip were distributed from it.

However, I don't understand why.
When I get an ip ( and I type ipconfig /all in cmd. It
shows the expired date is 2038-1-19 11:14:07am. However, when I check
in Address Leases in our DHCP server. It shows the expired date is 2
hour after I obtained that ip.

Since in our office, sometimes will happen ip collision. (no one was
set static ip). We suspected is dhcp problem.

Could anyone give me an idea how to solve it?

Thank you

Andrei Ungureanu [MVP] 寫é“:

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